This is our interpretation of classic Trappist style ales.  We respectfully take these classics and redefine them using what organic ingredients we have at our disposal, much like what was done centuries ago when these classics were developed.  Because in the end, Belgian brewers typically bucked the norm anyways and made time-honored beers in the process.  Truly Leashless brewers!


Tri-Fin Tripel

A classic Trappist delight modified Leashless style!  Hints of black pepper and fruity yeast character blend seamlessly with the citrus and apricot notes from our hop additions.  This easy drinking, light-bodied beer is delicious, and pairs well with cheeses, seafood and vegetables.  But be careful, it is a big beer so respect is needed.

ABV: 8.7%  IBU: 21.4



This light-bodied ruby red Dubbel offers plum and dark fruit notes and finishes with a slight rum and cinnamon flavor. The smooth malt finish hides the strength of the beer as it warms . A great companion to red meat or chocolate, it's worth dubbeling down.

ABV: 7.3%  IBU: 14.6