This series includes a list of beers that make up the backbone of our brewery, much like refraction is the backbone of all point breaks we love surfing.  Some are seasonal. Some are consistent year-round. All are delicious!




Brewing is the art of guiding unpredictable processes to a desired outcome, and this beer is named in recognition of the forces we try to bend to our will. This pale gold Saison crowned by a dense, pillowy head smells of citrus blossoms and fresh hay. Flavors of candied lemon and bosc pear lead the way to a slightly dry peppercorn finish. Enjoy a glass of controlled chaos with us!

ABV: 5.6%   IBU: 27



Everyone needs a great sunrise in their life, and now you have one.  This Belgian Blond has a fragrant nose of lemon and spice with a touch of sweetness.  Clover honey flavors yield to green peppercorn finish.  Easy drinking, this sunrise will help make the rest of your day enjoyable.

ABV: 6.8%   IBU: 20.3


Midnight Mission

Sometimes, in the dead of night with just a sliver of moon to guide the way, you can find the perfect session. Holding up a glass of our Belgian stout, you might see a guiding sliver of light penetrating through the chocolate darkness. And then you take your first sip and it hits you in waves of raisins, cherries, and chocolate. Sometimes you can find your midnight mission in the comfort of a chair, surrounded by good friends. It can be that easy, and sometimes it should be.

ABV: 6.8%   IBU: 23.8