At Leashless Brewing, we are happy to fill 32 oz. and 64 oz. growlers for you so that you can enjoy our passion outside of our tasting room.  We offer reasonably priced, high- quality, double-walled stainless steel growlers in both sizes that are dishwasher safe to help protect our beer and ensure its quality for when you are ready to enjoy it.  That said, we do have some rules to be aware of.

Policy 1: We would rather not clean your growler for you. 

Reason: Our job is to craft high-quality organic beer and sell it at a reasonable price.  Your job is to bring us a clean growler.  This seems fair to us. BUT, if we suspect your growler is dirty, we will attempt to clean it for you.  It will get washed in the order in which it was received with respect to our other dirty glassware. We do not guarantee it will be cleaned well enough after our glass washer is done with it; we’ve seen some nasty looking/smelling growlers in our days!  Also, we will wait for the growler to cool off before filling it with our beer.  So, if you’re that person bringing us a dirty growler, be prepared to wait for that fill.  If you’re impatient, just bring us a clean growler.

Policy 2: We do not fill glass growlers.

Reason: Where to begin….

Glass growlers typically have thin necks and wide bodies, making it harder to clean than our wide neck, stainless steel growlers.  This brings in Policy #1.

They are prone to breaking.  Whether you drop it or not, it just happens.  Ever seen the bottom of a glass growler break clean after getting filled with beer?  It happens, and it is not fun to clean up or to replace the growler and beer even though it was no one’s fault but the glass.  We want no part of that. This doesn’t happen with stainless steel growlers.

Glass does not offer insulation like double walled stainless steel growlers do.  So, the moment we fill your growler, it’s dealing with the effects of warm temperatures.  Beer deserves better!

Glass, even amber colored glass, can not 100% protect beer from the photo-oxidative effects of sunlight.  Stainless steel growlers do!

You have to be cautious taking glass bottles to the outdoors, camping, boating, etc.  Not true with stainless steel.  The worse that can happen is that you dent the steel.  You can still use it time and time again.  And we are all about enjoying organic craft beer when in nature!

Overall, we do not feel that glass growlers do beer any justice.  It may be inexpensive to buy upfront, and you may like that, but we think beer deserves better, and nothing beats stainless steel growlers.  Deep down inside, we think you do too.

Policy 3:  We will not obscure another brewery’s logo, as is required by California Statute AB 647, in any way shape or form just to make a growler fill sale.  In other words, we do not fill another brewery’s growler.

Reason:  Much like the crafting of our beer, we take the branding of our brewery, our values, and our products very seriously.  Our logo and other branding initiatives on any of our merchandise helps us get our message across to others outside of our tasting room.  Heck, we know you take branding very seriously too, otherwise you would look, talk, and act like everyone else.  But you don’t, do you? No, in fact we as individuals pride ourselves on being different, and take measures to ensure that we stand out from everyone else in the crowd.  So too do we as a brewery!

And while we are very proud of our efforts, we are also respectful of the efforts other breweries take to promote themselves.  It is out of this respect for our fellow breweries, organic and conventional alike, that we would not want to obscure their branding efforts just to make a growler sale.

Policy 4:  We will fill any stainless steel growler that does not have a label on it.  Why not glass?  See Policy #2.