At Leashless Brewing, we are happy to fill any clean stainless steel 32 oz. and 64 oz. growler that does not have branding from other breweries so that you can enjoy our passion outside of our tasting room. 

We offer reasonably priced, high- quality, double-walled stainless steel growlers that are dishwasher safe to help protect our beer and ensure its quality for when you are ready to enjoy it. 

Why should my growler be clean?

If you bring us a dirty growler, we will wash it in our glass washer and wait for it to cool down before we fill it. We will wash in the order in which it was received with respect to our other dirty glassware. So, if you bring us a dirty growler, please be ready to hang out with us so that we have the time to do what it takes to transform your growler into a clean growler filled with the organic craft beer of your choice. If you’re in a hurry, just bring us a clean growler.

Why don't you fill growlers that have branding from other breweries?

California Statute AB 647 requires all breweries in California to "obscure any information concerning any beer previously packaged in the container including, but not limited to, information regarding the manufacturer or any associated brands or trademarks on the container" before we can fill the growler.

We are not stoked on this law at all. We have a lot of respect for the amount of time and effort that breweries put into their branding. We also respect our customers and their growlers that proudly display branding from the breweries they like. Unfortunately, because of AB 647, we would have to remove all of those stickers and branding to fill that growler with our beer.

That’s why we will fill either a growler with no brewery branding on it, or one of our growlers. Thank you for your understanding!

Why don't you fill glass growlers?

Glass growlers typically have thin necks and wide bodies, making them very hard to clean. They are also prone to breaking.  Whether you drop it or not, glass can and will fail with time.

Glass also does not offer insulation like double walled stainless steel growlers do.  So, the moment we fill your growler, it’s dealing with the effects of warm temperatures.  Beer deserves better!

Glass, even amber colored glass, can not protect beer 100% from the photo-oxidative effects of sunlight.  Stainless steel growlers do!

You have to be cautious taking glass bottles to the outdoors, camping, boating, etc.  Not true with stainless steel.  The worse that can happen is that you dent the steel.  You can still use it time and time again.  And we are all about enjoying organic craft beer when in nature!

Overall, we do not feel that glass growlers do beer any justice.  It may be inexpensive to buy upfront, and you may like that, but we think beer deserves better, and nothing beats stainless steel growlers.  Deep down inside, we think you do too.