Welcome to the Inspiration Room!

This is where we get inspired to make unique organic libations that we hope will inspire you, our fans, to be a little more environmentally-conscious! 

All our beers are crafted with 100% certified organic grains and organic hops! In fact, almost all our ingredients are certified organic.  If it can't be certified organic, it is approved for use in making certified organic beer.  We're not cutting corners here, but let's face it.  Some ingredients, water for example, are near impossible to get certified organic.  In the end, our ingredients are GMO-free, and are cultivated without the use of harmful pesticides and inorganic fertilizers.  Our beer is natural and better for the environment, healthier for our hardest working employees (yeast), and possibly better for us too!

We operate a 10 BBL brewhouse with mostly 20 BBL tanks to craft small batches of organic goodness.  Armed with a high efficiency R.O. unit, we can craft high quality organic beer with as small an impact on the local water supply as possible.  All our brewing waste, organic spent grains, organic spent yeast, and trub from the kettle are collected and given to local farms to promote organic agriculture.

We have one 10 BBL tank, and a series of policies, dedicated solely to crafting organic gluten-reduced beers.  We understand the implications of cross-contamination and want our gluten-sensitive fans to feel as safe as possible when visiting us.  In fact, all our gluten-reduced beers are tested using the R5 competitive ELISA test to make sure the gluten content is less than 10ppm.  If it's not less than 10ppm, we will not serve it as gluten-reduced organic beer.

Feeling inspired yet? We hope so.  And if not, come over and try our organic libations.  Maybe then we can inspire you.  Maybe you can inspire us?


Team Leashless