This series was first developed once John's wife became diagnosed as gluten-intolerant right around the time he started working on the business plan for Leashless Brewing. This series provides a lot of the same qualities looked for in beer (mouth feel, head retention, flavor) while being a safer alternative to gluten-containing beer.

It's important to note that, per the FDA and TTB Ruling 2012-2, our gluten-reduced beers are "fermented from grains containing gluten, yet are crafted to remove the gluten. The gluten-content of this product cannot be verified, and these products may contain gluten."

That said, we use the R5 competitive ELISA test to ensure that each of the beers in this series contains less than 10ppm gluten before we serve it from dedicated taps and draft lines at the tasting room. This is the most reproducible and accurate method we have for testing gluten content in fermented products.

However, our understanding of the science behind gluten-intolerance and Celiac disease isn't where some scientists would like it to be. We also recognize that not everyone with gluten-intolerance or Celiac disease will react the same way when drinking gluten-reduced beers. Autoimmune diseases are tricky things, to say the least. While we strive to make a safer alternative to beer, you should be okay with the possibility that our gluten-reduced beers may not sit well with you. Know your body, listen to your body, and be safe.

Learn more about how we craft our gluten-reduced beers. Inquire at the bar for the R5 competitive ELISA test results for the gluten-reduced beers on tap.