Making the world a better place, one glass of organic beer at a time.

We are a certified organic brewery. We are rooted in the idea of being an environmentally-conscious and sustainably-minded company. In fact, we believe that being an organic brewery is the beginning, the foundation, of how we should operate.

Why is that? Because we take raw ingredients, hops, barley and wheat, and transform them into the elixir you will soon be enjoying. How environmentally-conscious would we be if we used raw ingredients that were GMO-based and cultivated with inorganic fertilizers and harmful pesticides? Even if our raw ingredients weren’t GMO-based, there would still be the underlying issue of harmful chemicals applied to crops destined to become beer. So I ask you, how “sustainable” could we be if we didn’t start by being organic?

Organic brewing is not just a passion. It’s a vehicle to transform our environment into something better. It’s a way to transform your palate into an environmental revolutionary, one glass of organic craft beer at a time!

You see, when you drink our organic craft beer, you vote, if only for a moment, to help make this place we call home a little better. We’re not going to change the world overnight, or over a keg, but we take a step forward in a way that no government can. And as you vote more and more in our favor, the farmers we count on to provide us raw ingredients will convert more land to organic production. The more we grow, the more organic spent grain, yeast and hops make it to local farms to feed livestock and compost. Eventually, those products will make it to our stores and maybe on your dinner plate. And slowly but surely, we as a community of organic craft beer drinkers help to change the world for the better!

Who are we?

We are an idea whose time has come. We will not fade away quietly into the night. We will stand, glass of organic craft beer in hand, working for something better. And we are waiting for you to join us! The sooner we start, the sooner we finish, so let’s get to it. There is a lot of work to do!

What does it mean for a brewery to be certified organic?

Organic certification requires that we use products that are GMO-free and cultivated without the use of inorganic fertilizers and pesticides. This includes organic grain, organic hops and organic yeast. In addition, all of our brewing salts must be mined and not synthesized from GMO-bacteria. We also use cleaning agents that are environmentally-friendly in both their manufacturing and application, and we are constantly looking for new ways to recycle all our materials to reduce our impact.

The vast majority of breweries do not use organic practices. In fact, there are less than 40 certified organic breweries in the United States.

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