Tasting Room Hours

585 East Thompson Blvd
Ventura, CA 93001
(805) 628-9474

MONDAY - Thursday





Keeping our environment healthy

As an environmentally-conscious business, our organic brewery and tasting room and parking lot are smoke-free (including vape-free) and Styrofoam-free. Styrofoam and cigarette butts comprise a large percentage of coastal pollution. In 2016, cigarette butts accounted for 59% of litter collected during the Ventura Surfrider Chapter’s beach cleanups. You can read more about the impacts of coastal pollution from the California Coastal Commission and more information on the harm that cigarette butts and Styrofoam cause from the 5 Gyres website.

We ask that if you bring food to the brewery, please bring it in non-Styrofoam containers. If you smoke or vape, please do so off the property, and if you are smoking, please discard your butts in the "Hold On To Your Butt" containers at the edge of the parking lot. Thank you for helping us reduce pollution along our coasts!


We have a spacious pet-friendly patio where your can chill and relax with your pets, friends and family. To accommodate everyone, we also offer a pet-free indoor space for those who can't or don't want to be around pets. That way everyone can enjoy this communal space together. 


Beyond the extensive bike rack, we are a bicycle-friendly business because we know the Tri-Counties region is home to a lot of bicycle enthusiasts who can bike all day. If you are in need of tools to fix your bike after a long ride, just inquire within and we'll see how we can help you continue your journey. And you can always help our staff identify other tools to keep on hand. We are predominantly surfers, sailors, and overall water enthusiasts after all, not bicyclists....yet!


If you're local, make use of our 11 bike bicycle rack or the Downtown Ventura Harbor trolley to get to us. Get off at the Visitors Center and walk to us from there. For more information on the trolley times and routes, click here


Parking can be challenging in any downtown, and Ventura is no different. We have 8 parking spots on site with additional street parking along Chestnut Street. The Tolman and Wiker building on 196 S. Fir street or Pacific Western Bank on the corner of Santa Clara and Chestnut both offer additional parking after hours.